Welcome to SFCouponClippers, we are a Clipping Service out of California. The coupons are free you are paying for my time to find, clip and send them to you.

I ship Monday through Friday same day shipping if ordered by 9:00 am Pacific Time.

My inserts are from $0.10 to $0.20 ea
I have Whole Inserts Available they are $0.10 to $0.20 ea. I can put 80 inserts in a flat rate padded envelope for $6.50 shipping and anything over 81 inserts needs to be shipped in a flat rate box for $12.40 shipping I can get up to 200 in one Medium Flat Rate Box if you need more, then it will have to be boxed in multiply flat rate boxes. You can contact me at hotdogfirst1@yahoo.com or
sfcouponclippers@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase whole inserts.

Immediate payment is due or I will cancel after 4 hours.

Whole Inserts are shipped Priority Mail with tracking only.

All my clipped coupons are going to be $0.10 ea even the hot coupons. Shipping is $0.50 for amounts up to $4.90 and then anything over $5.00 is FREE Shipping. This is for clipped coupons only.

We offer Free Shipping on orders of $5.00 or more on clipped coupons.